Hiya! My name is Emma Powers and I am a graphic designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design and marketing from Bowling Green State University. I fell in love with art and design at a young age and to this day, find that it helps me to visually showcase what I cannot put into words. I am committed to simple design work with a clear message. I also enjoy branding, packaging design, and advertising work.

I am an independent worker who also enjoys collaborating with others to create the perfect design. I am a natural leader and have a strong work ethic that pushes myself and others to always do their best. I am an engaged listener and will always be the person to hear everything out before making decisions.

Outside of my personality and love for design, I am an avid coffee drinker and fuel my brain with caffeine at least twice a day. I also love a good glass of wine and bubble bath with a comforting romantic comedy read. I enjoy keeping my hands moving by doing makeup which allows for so many different looks and feelings to come alive.

Take a look around at my work and feel free to contact me to discuss new projects, creative ideas or opportunities to be apart of your vision.

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